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Health Expenditure Hospitals Physicians, Nurses and Med Grads Health and Social Employment Life Expectancy Perceived Health Status Diabetes

Variables included on this page

Diabetes Health Expenditure
Diabetes: Deaths per 100,000 population Health Expenditure (Total): % GDP
Diabetes: Deaths per 100,000 females Health Expenditure (Total): per capita USD 2005 PPP
Diabetes: Deaths per 100,000 males Health Expenditure (Total): Million USD 2005 PPP
Diabetes: Years lost, 100,000 population (aged 0-69)
Diabetes: Years lost, 100,000 females (aged 0-69)
Diabetes: Years lost, 100,000 males (aged 0-69)
For additional variables please select one of the other topics near the top of this page. All data taken from OECD Health Data 2013, © OECD 2013, available here.