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HSI Health Data Blog: Do You Have a Regular Doctor?

In 2011-2012, approximately fifteen percent of Canadians did not have a regular doctor. And while the number of practicing doctors per capita throughout Canada has steadily increased over the past decade, over the same period there has been nearly no improvement in the proportion of Canadians with access to a regular physician. According to Canadian Community Health Survey data from the years 2002 to 2012, the percentage of Canadians indicating that they do not have a regular doctor has fluctuated between a low of 14.0% (in 2002-03) and a high of 15.3% (in 2007-08).

There is a noticeable geographic component to the distribution of Canadians without doctors. In 2011-12, the proportion of residents in each of the prairie provinces (Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan) without a regular doctor was higher than the Canadian averageā€¦

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18 March 2014