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HSI Health Data Blog: Diabetes and Healthy Lifestyles

Over the past decade, diabetes prevalence in Canada has been increasing steadily and the burden of diabetes has proven a substantial burden on the health of Canadians, the healthcare system, and the national economy. The Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) has estimated that, in 2010, the economic burden of diabetes in Canada equaled $11.7 billion, and as diabetes prevalence continues along its current upward trend, so too will the costs associated with the disease. The majority of this burden is linked to the incidence of type II diabetes, which accounts for 90-95% of diabetes cases, and is strongly linked to modifiable risk factors such as diet and exercise.

In order to better understand the relation between diabetes prevalence and healthy lifestyles in Canada, we have examined data from Canadian Community Health Surveys between the years 2000 and 2012. The results provide both cause for concern and reason for optimism…

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1 April 2014